Scout Sixteen - #TeamInternet

Scout Sixteen - #TeamInternet

With the exception of moving to New York City, few moments have changed the course of my life quite like starting my blog. I spent years jumping from one job to the next eagerly awaiting an environment that could foster the wild creativity growing inside of me. It wasn’t until my friend Christina suggested I start a blog that I noticed the pieces of my life puzzle start to come together.

My blog has always been a passion project – a platform where I could illustrate and annotate the chaos in my head. I spent the majority of my life searching for acceptance. As a Type A “People Pleaser”, I was constantly altering myself to fit the expectations of others. With Scout Sixteen, I was given a platform to be myself, and the funniest part was people liked that Justin so much better.

While I make a decent living off my blog, I’ve never done it for the money or “blog fame” (both of which are terrible reasons to start a blog, by the way); I’ve stayed focused on creating a community of like-minded creators/readers and nurturing those relationships. Over the last two and half years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of fashion and web’s brightest stars – spectacular people with out-of-this-world imaginations and hearts of gold; they’ve each found success in their fields by holding on to one singular credo: do everything for and with passion. I’ve tried to remember this on the days that test my patience or break my will… because if I’m not doing it with passion, why do it? Surrounding myself with people who truly adore their craft puts a smile on my face daily. We are and always will be a team – a team of internet nerds who found our voices online. And on any given day, my money is on #TeamInternet.

Don’t let anyone else determine the path for your life. Be the writer of your story, not the reader. Stop taming that creativity and rediscover the things that make you smile. And whatever you choose to do, do it with sheer, unparalleled passion. Because who are we without passion? Normal. And normal is for boring people…


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  1. Thanks for this. Nice seeing the personal side of you. Like you I hopped from job to job until starting my own thing, and I couldn’t be happier with where things are headed. Congrats on all the successes, personal and professional.

  2. waaw!!! really loved it, i´ve just started my on blog and its great to ear that we all have our doubts and are not really 100% sure of what we are doing. I actually found your blog checking the bloglovin awards, so congrats on that and keep it going!!!

  3. we just recently started making money off our travel blog and it is THE BEST feeling ever to be able to finally do what you love doing. congrats dude!

  4. Justin,

    I appreciate the vulnerable tone of transparency in this post. I currently run, and too am appreciative of the #teaminternet relationships I’ve made along the way; the good and the bad. Thankful for the good relationships as they helped me break through mental blocks, foster creativity and a sense of community. Thankful for the bad ones as I have learned from the mistakes made in those relationships, to never allow myself to fall into those situations again. Keep up the heartfelt work. Your passion shines through your words.


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