Scout Sixteen - H1 Shoes

Scout Sixteen - H1 Shoes Scout Sixteen - H1 ShoesDSC_4255

On Mondays, we wear taupe. That would be my rule if I presided over the Mean Girls. It’s a color that doesn’t get its due credit. Like many guys, I was – for many years – vehemently against wearing clothing that sported any shade of pink. (Though some would argue ‘taupe’ doesn’t fall in the pink family.) Thankfully, I got over that unsolicited rule quickly!

This pair of H-1 sneakers is the perfect balance between an incredibly modern design and a spectacular choice of color. Like a dusty rebel in the sneaker world, this pair is made for the urban explorer in all of us. I paired the shoes with a classic chino and vintage-inspired Rolling Stones t-shirt.

Feeling like a rogue musician never felt so good. Happy Monday, folks!

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  1. Very urbaney, very New Yorker, I’m digging this look quite a lot. I really like the olive shirt, I agree with you, this is a very underestimated color and it actually works really well with summer outfits. Congrats on such a cool look!

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