Scout Sixteen - Gucci

Scout Sixteen - Gucci Scout Sixteen - Gucci Scout Sixteen - Gucci Scout Sixteen - Gucci Scout Sixteen - Gucci

I’ve finally been teaching myself to “slow down”. It’s not something I am naturally good at – I tend to thrive on situations of crazed chaotic excess. Basically, I’m a Taurus with a Gemini complex… go figure! In my earlier post, I talked about my recent habit of time management and now I’m tackling the other end of the spectrum: free time. I don’t always allow myself a little time to relax but when I do, I end up sitting on the couch all day watching re-runs of Lost or making (and subsequently finishing) a batch of sweets by myself. I want to explore more but with no agenda. I want to be a wanderer in my City. I’ll update you next week on my progress…

In other news, I’ve turned a new leaf in my wardrobe. I’ll be honest – I’ve never been a fan of watches with plastic straps because they always look a bit… for lack of a better word… cheap. I thought my mind wouldn’t be changed until I stumbled upon this gem of a timepiece from Gucci. Stylish, bold, but playful (like me?!), the Gucci Sync watch is definitely going to be my new go-to weekend accessory. Would you wear it?

Gucci Sync Watch / J.Crew Shirt / Cheap Monday Sweater (similar) / Uniqlo T-Shirt / Uniqlo Chinos / Johnston & Murphy Shoes





  1. Funny I am exactly the same way. Maybe this can be our New year’s resolution to slow down and explore? I live in such an amazing city (Chicago) and about a month ago decided to go explore it on my own. It has proven to be very relaxing and actually helps with my creativity.

  2. I think I need to do the same. Slowing down is not something I’m very good at. I love this shirt though, the colours are perfect.

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