Scout Sixteen - Snow Day

Snow Day

Scout Sixteen - Snow Day Scout Sixteen - Snow Day Scout Sixteen - Snow Day Scout Sixteen - Snow Day Scout Sixteen - Snow Day

The day I moved to New York City was the last time I saw actual snowfall. The City was stirring under a quiet and beautiful white blanket. It’s been close to six years since I officially began calling the City my home and this was only the second time I’ve actually seen snow here. Each time a flurry is predicted, my schedule takes me elsewhere – typically somewhere warm – completely bypassing any chance of building a snowman or feeling the flakes on tongue. Seeing it this past weekend awoke the kid in me; I easily could’ve matched the enthusiasm of the schoolchildren making snow angels nearby.

Everyone knows capturing the beauty and wonder of snow is difficult. Photos are either too exposed or don’t expose quick enough to catch the falling snowflakes. I brought along my Nikon D800 for the experience and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. The details in these images blew my mind – you can see each and every flake. Even blowing a handful of snow out of my hands became a beautifully action-packed shot with a visual punch. Looking at these photos brings me back to that moment; I loved feeling the snow tickle my fingertips as it fell.

What’s your favorite snow day activity?

I think I’m long overdue for a snowball fight. (For now, I’ll have to satisfy my craving with Hostess Snowball snack cakes instead.)

Pacsun x Kanye West Jacket / Topman Shirt / Armani Exchange Jeans / Timberland Boots / Banana Republic Scarf / Ted Baker Cap

*shot with the amazing Nikon D800 and Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G lens*

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