Scout Sixten - Zipped Up

Scout Sixten - Zipped Up Scout Sixten - Zipped Up

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit drab. I’m not sure if it’s the changing weather or an overall somber mood in New York City, but I’ve been gravitating towards some neutral favorites, like this incredibly comfortable Two Angle puffer jacket (with faux fur collar) and these Volcom Shoes. I’ve been a fan of the Volcom brand for a while now… I think it’s the inner ‘skate kid’ in me or some repressed dream to be kickass at something badass (like skating, surfing, etc.). I was excited to see Volcom branch out to practical footwear because now my dreams of skate park stardom are slowly coming to fruition.

What colors have you been wearing lately?

Two Angle Jacket   (similar / similar) / Lifetime Collective Shirt / G by Guess Pants / Volcom Shoes (similar)



  1. This jacket is amazing. I just bought a jacket similar to this one except my is olive green and made out of canvas… Great post!

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