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Scout Sixteen - Justin LivingstonScout Sixteen - Justin Livingston

It’s been over a week since I’ve updated… that feels strange. This site has become such an extension of myself that it gets staid when I don’t post a couple of times a week. I’ve been in major focus mode working with my designer on Scout’s redesign (which I can’t wait to reveal to you all very soon!) and had a bit of a battle with the summer flu. These photos were from last weekend, spent with old friends and newly-established acquaintances in the Lower East Side. Scout honor, I’ll be posting much more frequently … although I appreciate all the emails asking if I had died after a week of no posts. Even though I didn’t respond to all the emails, I attest that I am very much alive (and now stuffed off of rice krispie treats as I type this).


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Scout Sixteen is a lifestyle blog from Justin Livingston. Justin grew up in Mississippi but relocated to New York City in 2008. On Scout Sixteen, Justin shares his passion in fashion, travel, food and drink, and mental wellness.