Playland Motel - Simon Spurr

Playland Motel

Playland Motel - Simon Spurr Playland Motel - Nadia Kaufhold Playland Motel - Javier Pedraza Polo Playland Motel - Rawlins Calderone Playland Motel - Ben & Jessica Playland Motel - Federico Saenz-Recio Playland Motel - Robbie & Apples

A sleeping giant in the hustle and bustle of Queens, New York, the Playland Motel is an adult wonderland harboring some serious design. Launched in July of this year, the Playland Motel is bring artistic personality with the eclectic flavor of the Rockaways with a distressed wood patio, a pebbled “beach” with folding chairs, a couple of plastic splash pools and inexpensive beers (1).

The principal owners (Robin Scott, Jamie Wiseman, Diego Galarza, and Eduardo Suarez) tapped 12 influential artists to bring each of the 12 rooms to life. At up to $250 a night, the Playland Motel offers guests an unparalleled experience to immerse themselves in the age-old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover”; behind every door awaits a new adventure…

Here are my favorites:

01. ‘Perception’ from Simon Spurr

02. ‘My Bloody Dreams’ from Nadia Kaufhold

03. ‘Polo’ from Javier Pedraza Polo

04. ‘The Super Collective’ from Rawlins Calderone Design

05. ‘Captains Quarters’ from Ben & Jessica

06. ‘The Cactus Room’ from Federico Saenz-Recio

07. ‘Rebirth’ from Robbie & Apples

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