Scout Sixteen - Anthony's Gift

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Scout Sixteen - Anthony's Gift

This year, Zappos helped me get the perfect gifts for my best friend Anthony (from Closet Freaks). Anthony is one of the most stylish guys I know, but what do you get someone who has everything? Well, in my case, I decided to sneak peek his closet and see what he needed albeit a bit last minute. Thankfully, Zappos has incredibly fast shipping and wide selection of products so picking items he didn’t already own was a lot easier than I thought! Nothing better than gifting items that put a big smile on your best friend’s face!

To appeal to Anthony’s stylish side, I opted for a beautiful Scotch & Soda scarf, Electric Eyewear Watch, and these comfortable-as-hell Original Penguin gloves! To supplement the “look” I decided on a Filson bag, Scotch & Soda iPad Case, and Fred Perry Boots.

To top the look off (literally) I found this beautiful burgundy topcoat. As an added surprise, I got him a 24-pack of Coca-Cola Life… he loves Diet Coke, but this is a much better alternative.

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