Plaid by Numbers

Justin Livingston - Scout Sixteen S16_1969

Plaid is one of the few patterns that can look great on anybody. It’s the chameleon of the pattern world – with a variety of colors present in plaid, it’s an easy match to most other pieces in an outfit. Since it was one of my more casual days, I tossed on a pair of my favorite jeans and sneakers to run a few errands around the City.

I’m only just now realizing my wardrobe is heavy in the blue hues. Maybe time to mix it up?

J.Crew Shirt (similar) / 3×1 Jeans / Coach Belt / Salvatore Ferragamo Sneakers

  1. My favorite part about this is the mustard yellow t-shirt. I love yellow and blue together…. it’s the details that count 😉 Another awesome job *round of applause*

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