Scout Sixteen - Time Moves

Scout Sixteen - Time Moves Scout Sixteen - Time Moves Scout Sixteen - Time Moves Scout Sixteen - Time Moves Scout Sixteen - Time Moves

Guys… I really am the worst. It takes me three iPhone alarms, one physical alarm clock, and a swift slap to my face to get up in the morning. I keep a fairly strict schedule and when one appointment or agenda item is delay, it’s like a juggernaut on my calendar pushing everything else in tandem. I’m not sure if many of you use your calendar function on your phone or possibly go the old-school route with a paper calendar (props to you if you do!), but time management is very important for anyone, especially young professionals like us… not that I need to remind you.

Lately, I’ve found that the more time I focus on slotting my work hours for early morning, I free myself up for a little spontaneity in the afternoon. Grabbing coffee with friends (like Serena, Erica and David – hi guys!), catching a quick movie, or roaming around the City checking out the newly-placed holiday decorations. All that to say, time is becoming a precious element in my life. I’m rarely leaving the house without a watch on, which helps me to stay on my schedule when (lord knows) I want to just play around. This black leather Gucci G-Timeless watch makes keeping my schedule intact easy because it’s so darn stylish that I don’t mind staring at it all day.

What do you do to keep on schedule?

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