Scout Sixteen - Morning Stroll

Morning Stroll

Scout Sixteen - Topman #ItsMore Scout Sixteen - Topman #ItsMore Scout Sixteen - Topman #ItsMore Scout Sixteen - Topman #ItsMoreScout Sixteen - Topman #ItsMore

Most mornings, I keep a very specific routine – pending the compliance of this waffling East Coast weather, of course. It is as follows: wake up, check Instagram, shower, dress, run to Starbucks, circle the park while reading through the emails on my mobile and finally ending up back home to start my work day. It may sound a bit ludicrous but I can’t possibly start my day (or any day for that matter) without properly finishing up my routine. It’s certainly the best ‘wake me up’ I know.

Since mother nature decided to cut us some slack today, I spent a little extra time in my local park admiring recent additions of the arboreal variety. I’m wearing my spring best: a seersucker shorts suit from Topman but done in a very Scout Sixteen casual way. If you read my recent post, you’ll remember that I’ve partnered with Topman to show that a suit from the Brit brand is more than just a suit. Personally, this look is all about confidence. It takes some guts to wear a shorts suit and skill to prevent it looking like an Easter outfit for an middle schooler.

So to finish the sentence… #ItsMore than just a suit, it’s what gives me quiet confidence that today will be unapologetically stylish.

Don’t forget to enter Topman’s contest to win a $500 gift card. The rules are simple: tweet at @TopmanUSA and finish this sentence: “#ItsMore than just a suit. Its… “. Good luck!

Topman Stripe Blazer / Topman Stripe Suit Shorts / Topman Slouchy Tee / Topman Sneakers

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