Scout Sixteen - Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals

Scout Sixteen - Morning Rituals Scout Sixteen - Morning Rituals Scout Sixteen - Morning Rituals

My friends would likely say otherwise, but I’m not what you call a “morning person”. There are few things I love more than sleeping – which I haphazardly attribute to my being a dreamer. (How can you dream if you can’t sleep… Am I right?!) All that said, it takes a village to get me up and running in the morning. Most mornings, that village consists of a large iced coffee and a chocolate croissant from Madman Espresso.

Recently, I teamed up with Gucci to test-drive some of their favorite pieces this holiday. I must say, this I-Gucci watch is slowly becoming a favorite addition to my morning ritual. Aside from being stylish, it features dual time zone support making a bi-coastal (or bi-continental?) lifestyle much easier on my internal clock. I set my local time and scan through the remaining time zones for wherever it is my travels are taking me next. The alarm function is strong enough to wake even the sturdiest of sleepers – ahem! – moi. If you’re looking for a sweet gift this season that makes your morning rituals a little more bearable, snag this fantastic piece for yourself or someone you love that needs a little boost in the AM.

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