Scout Sixteen - Marriott Millionth Mobile Check-In

Million Maker

Scout Sixteen - Marriott Millionth Mobile Check-In Scout Sixteen - Marriott Millionth Mobile Check-In

The idea of having one million of something has always boggled my mind. When I was younger, “one million” was my go-to number for birthday wishes. I’d close my eyes tight and ask the birthday gods to send me a million dollars so I could buy ridiculous amounts of unnecessary gifts for myself at the mall. In middle school, I’d read a dozen books each month hoping to break a million points in our school-wide Book-It reading contests. As an adult, I just want a million dollars – plain and simple. I can wrap my brain around the “hundreds,” the “thousands,” and even the “hundred thousands,” but “millions” never cease to amaze me; always there as something more aspirational than attainable.

While wrapping up my most recent trip to Los Angeles, I got a call from the lovely folks over at Marriott. They were celebrating their One Millionth Mobile Check-In and wanted to gift me a stay-cation at The Carlton, Autograph Collection, one of my local New York City Marriott locations. Naturally, I jumped on the opportunity to sneak away from home for a night!

As part of their celebration, Marriott created an incredible video around the One Millionth Mobile Check-In. You have to see it (and share it, too because it’s just too good not to go viral); if this is how I was greeted every time I checked into my hotel, I’d be in heaven. The lucky millionth person not only got the show of a lifetime but also received one million Marriott Rewards points. How unimaginable is that?!

Scout Sixteen - Marriott Millionth Mobile Check-In

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to stretch that imagination too far because Marriott is doing it again by offering lucky guests (who check in through their award-winning mobile app) the chance at winning monthly prizes of 100,000 Marriott Rewards points or one grand winner who will be given 1,000,000 Marriott Rewards points. Think of all the trips you could take with a vacation wallet overflowing with rewards points. You have until December 31st of 2015 to get your entries in… and when you use the Marriott Mobile Check-In app (available in your app store) you’ll automatically be entered to win. Plus, by checking in on your phone you’ll get a notification when your room is ready, which is just darn handy. [See full rules and regulations here]

So where should we go next cause I’m trying to get those million points so my younger self can finally feel the joy of the “million.” [high five]

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