Making Space

MakeSpace MakeSpace

It’s common knowledge that in New York City, you rent a matchbox for the price of a mansion. And it’s no surprise that in a city as economically critical as New York, that – like water or a Metrocard – space is considered a commercial commodity. New Yorkers buy, sell, and trade space as if it were tangible currency… and in many ways, it is.

The longer I live in New York, the harder it gets to maintain and preserve my growing collection of stuff. Clothes, magazines, books, and trinkets are subject to dismissal. Every spring cleaning felt like Sophie’s Choice for my valuables. Earlier this fall, I discovered MakeSpace – a cloud storage company for your favorite things. And it figuratively saved my life.

MakeSpace does all the hard labor for you, so all you have to do is pack it full of the things you want to keep. You let them know how much stuff you’d like to save, they’ll deliver enough green bins to hold your goodies, and you set the time most convenient for them to pick up. Once they’ve retrieved your boxes, they’ll photo catalog them in your account – making them ready for retrieval whenever you’re ready!

If you’re living in a space-challenged environment, MakeSpace is your new best friend. And if you live in New York City, this service is an absolute no-brainer. I recently filled two of my MakeSpace bins with the magazines and books I was holding on to for inspiration… now I just need to figure out what I can do with all this free space.

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