Scout Sixteen - Life, Well Done

Life, Well Done

Scout Sixteen - Life, Well Done

I like lists. I always have. There is something about putting a task in writing that makes it binding, memorable, and concrete. Grocery lists, Christmas wish lists, to-do lists and packing lists have all been ticked off and tossed. As functioning humans, we are encouraged to catalog those items that we will knowingly overlook or forget. New Year’s resolutions, bucket lists, and indexes of outrageous travel destinations never make the cut. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve vowed to do this or that each new year and failed miserably.  So what’s at the top of my bucket list?

#1: See Outer Space

Am I even serious? There are 7 billion people on the Earth and only about 8 people off of it. By creating starry-eyed bucket lists, I’m allowing myself to dream bigger than my britches (as my grandmother would so eloquently observe). You’ll be hard-pressed to find a soul more full of a ravenous hunger for the wonders of life, but sometimes I’ve got to keep my feet on the ground. That said, ZICO challenged me to create a ‘Crack Life Open’ list: a register of workable improvements, destinations and minor fantasies I can adhere to. I’m saying goodbye to bucket lists for now, life lists are my new catalog of choice.

01. Meditate and find my morning zen

My mornings aren’t relaxing. I’m normally up and dive straight into my mountain of an email inbox or I’m running out the door to an 8AM breakfast meeting. I need to schedule at least one half-hour of relaxing, meditative time for myself each morning. I know my days would benefit from it.

02. Hydrate more

With my days so active, I know how important it is to stay hydrated. Water can be boring so I’ve been opting for tastier (and sometimes more effective) options like ZICO Premium Coconut Water (the chocolate flavor is actually super delicious). Now it’s just time to step up my hydration game!

03. Write letters

I’ve completely lost touch with the art of the handwritten note. Opening my mailbox to see a note from a friend is a great feeling – I want to be able to pass on the love.

04. Finish learning Spanish

I started learning Spanish through Rosetta Stone a few months back. The lessons are quite simple; I just need to dedicate time to it each week.

05. Get more sleep

This seems like it would be an easy one to follow, right? I still struggle with getting enough sleep. I chalk it up to my being a “night owl” but I just don’t know when to turn off the world around me. First step: turn off all electronics one hour before midnight.

06. Take one day-trip per month

While I travel for work more frequently than a normal guy, when it comes to planning personal vacations – I shoot for the moon. I make grandiose plans to visit destinations I can either not afford or won’t feasibly arrive at. There are some spectacular locales within a day’s drive from New York City; it’s about time I started to explore them!

07. Purge my closet

Saying I have a lot of clothes would be a serious understatement. I recently started purging my closet but it’s time I went into hyper-mode and get myself completely organized and refreshed.

08. Enhance my knowledge

At one time, you couldn’t break me away from weekends chocked full of museum visits, art shows or flea markets. I’ve let that enthusiasm for intellectual or cultural growth expire. It’s time I brought that back, even if just once a month.

There it is: my pragmatic short-term goals standing in single file order. One of these items will be accomplished this weekend, so check back on Monday for the little reveal. As for the rest, I intend to get these done as surely as I plan to breathe – but don’t think I’ll ever quit dreaming big. You can’t fix what isn’t broken…

What would be on your ‘Crack Life Open’ list? Share it on your social media with @ZICOCoconut and #CrackLifeOpen… plus send it my way so I can check it out!

Scout Sixteen - Life, Well DoneScout Sixteen - Life, Well Done

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