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That three-month stretch from November to January can be tricky for your wardrobe. As the temperature drops, it can be easy to sacrifice your style for warmth – the heavy coats emerge and cloak winter fashion like a cocoon… but why does it have to be a sacrifice?

Instead of opting for heavy coats, try skillful layering! I love having the ability to mix-and-match layers to fit my mood each day. While layering takes a bit more style mathematics (vest + jacket + button-down = perfect for a Monday morning meeting), it’s one of the best ways to infuse a dose of your personality in your daily wardrobe.




For this look, I was headed to an office holiday party. I’m quite a casual guy (as all of you know) so I didn’t feel the need to wear an Oxford shirt and dressy trousers to this particular event. I stopped into Old Navy and loaded up on my favorite layering pieces – like this multi-color waffle knit shirt and dark wash denim jacket. To give the look a punch of colors without seeming overly festive (leave the holiday-themed sweaters at home!) I added a utility plaid scarf and camo-printed puffer vest.

I love how these seemingly cacophonous pieces actually harmonize so beautifully. The two key takeaways here are: (1) to allow one piece to take center stage and have the remainder of the outfit serve as the complement. With this look, the Old Navy plaid scarf is the first place your eye lands so the vest and denim jacket need to feel like neutral supporters. (2) Try not to layer more than 3 pieces on top or you’ll end up looking like that kid from A Christmas Story.

So what’re your layering secrets or favorite ways to layer in winter? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I love they way you’ve pieced these items together. I would’ve struggled with the scarf and military print puff vest combo but you do it so well! something I love doing when it comes to layering in the winter is keeping all my pieces plain and different by schemed colors, then using one print/ patterned piece that pulls it together. Sometimes that print piece is different than my pop piece. It’s all about experimenting, right?

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