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Junior Varsity

Scout Sixteen - Justin Livingston Scout Sixteen - Justin Livingston Scout Sixteen - Justin Livingston

I’m not sure why but I couldn’t resist buying this ‘Jock’ shirt from Zara. It’s pretentious and so extremely 90’s (because who really even uses that word anymore) yet I couldn’t help but love it. I was never a “jock” in high school… it’s hard to believe, right? Likely not. I played sports but I was really into other extracurricular activities like drama club and Sonic Drive-In’s Happy Hour discounts. Thankfully, my habits changed and I stopped playing sports. Whew! This was another snap from Denmark, shot by Christina.

Zara T-Shirt / French Connection Trousers / ECCO Shoes / Fjallraven Backpack / Vintage Bandana

Scout Sixteen is a lifestyle blog from Justin Livingston. Justin grew up in Mississippi but relocated to New York City in 2008. On Scout Sixteen, Justin shares his passion in fashion, travel, food and drink, and mental wellness.