Scout Sixteen - Jungle Blue

Jungle Blue

Scout Sixteen - Jungle Blue Scout Sixteen - Jungle Blue Scout Sixteen - Jungle Blue Scout Sixteen - Jungle Blue Scout Sixteen - Jungle Blue

Twenty-three days and counting until Christmas. Once December hits, I turn into an “adult baby” – freaking out and being generally beside myself that Christmas can’t come sooner. I spend two weeks at home with my family where we laugh, drink, eat, drink, play board games, drink… and drink. Too much drinking? Never. I have traditions to uphold, of course!

So, here I am counting down the days; one by one I tear cross off another square on my calendar. Thankfully, I’m always up to speed on what day it is with my Gucci G-Timeless watch! This piece is another in their men’s collection that I loved… sleek and professional with a casual edge that we all know I need. Would you wear it?

Gucci Watch / Tovar Clothing Jacket / J.Crew Chinos / Uniqlo T-Shirt / Johnston & Murphy Shoes / Coach Belt

* Sorry to say the jacket is out of stock, but check out other items from Tovar here and here!

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