Scout Sixteen - Shoe Porn

Scout Sixteen - Shoe Porn

There are some items in my wardrobe I won’t splurge on: t-shirts, underwear, or oxford button-downs. These pieces come and go in my wardrobe – sometimes they’re lost in the laundry, other times they’ve just worn out their welcome.  Because of this, I can’t justify spending good money on basics in my wardrobe.

Shoes, on the other hand, are a very different story. Shoes aren’t something you want to skimp on and here is why. While there are an overwhelming number of options out there, guys can get away with investing in a few classics that’ll last for years! Even better is that many of the best classic shoes get better with age.

While inexpensive, knock-off options are tempting, remember that many of these shoes are made from sub-par materials; you get what you pay for in the end and your feet will thank you. Quality shoes not only provide better support for your joints while you move around your busy day but they’ll also hold up for infinitely longer than their cheaper cousins. Would you want to spend $65 every year for a pair of shoes or $250 every ten years? These dual-color Trask Penny Loafers are priced at $225 but you’re getting hand-sewn quality and construction. The key is to invest!

If you’re looking for a specific style, do your research. Visit your favorite shops or browse options online before making the purchase. Ask guys whose style you admire and find out what footwear brands they turn to most.

And once you make your splurge, don’t forget to take care of your investment. While it’s true that quality shoes get more comfortable with extended wear, it’s important to keep them looking as epic as when you brought them home (though a bit of wear adds personality). Grab cedar shoe trees to preserve the shape of your shoe and give them a spray with a water-repellent to ward off water damage.

Shown: Trask Penny Loafers



  1. I have a pair of Trask boots en route to me as of today, and I’m super excited to give them a go! First saw Trask on your site when you posted these loafers the first go around. Couldn’t agree more on investment pieces, especially when it comes to anything with leather. I’d rather spend the extra money on real leather that’ll last for the long haul than on poly materials that will wear out after a few wears.

  2. Love your blog! Such cool styles (without overwhelming). But I’m curious, I can understand tees and orford shirts, but why not indulge in underwear? So many trendy brands out ther like, so plenty of comfortable and fashionable choices. Underwear matters 😉

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