Scout Sixteen - Jack Spade x Barbour

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Scout Sixteen - Jack Spade x Barbour Scout Sixteen - Jack Spade x Barbour Scout Sixteen - Jack Spade x BarbourScout Sixteen - Jack Spade x Barbour

Isn’t fall weather the best? I know it may not seem like much, but getting to layer makes me really damn happy. I’m so accustomed to my generic summer dress code: t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Sunny weather leaves little variety to mix-and-match, but cold weather… now that gives me some options! The fact that I’ve been able to wear a different jacket every days this week (and in turn, completely mix up my wardrobe) is putting the biggest smile on my face. One jacket I’ve been rocking lately is from the new Jack Spade x Barbour collaboration.

With fall dressing in mind, Jack Spade and Barbour teamed up to reissue the iconic silhouette of the Hopper Jacket in a distinctive black. You can’t go wrong with a black jacket and this version is constructed from waxed cotton so it has a considerably substantial feel to it. I like that the rustic fundamentals of the piece have been upgraded with a dose of urban sensibility. As a country boy in “the big City”, this jacket feels right at home.

Jack Spade Jacket / J. Crew Button Down / Topman Denim / Converse Sneakers

Photos by Brandon

* This post was sponsored by Jack Spade but you know these are my words [insert big smile] *


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