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Scout Sixteen - In ShortScout Sixteen - In Short

When it comes to my shorts it’s all in the name: the shorter, the better. I should clarify that while I wear shorts with inseams slightly shorter than your Average Joe, there is certainly a point when shorts become glorified thongs. I once saw an elderly woman wearing gold lamé hot pants on the metro and I’ve since been scarred from taking my inseams any shorter.

For many guys, I think the fear of wearing shorts that hit above the knee is (a) you’ll be sent headfirst into a limbo of questioned sexual orientation and South Beach-worthy indecency; or (b) your bits will be hanging out like they’re auditioning for a spot in the chorus line of The Full Monty. Thankfully, you’ll still have plenty of fabric left to cover up any of those insecurities (no offense to your bits, of course).

I opted for this corduroy pair from Topo Ranch for its West Coast vibe and stylish sensibility. I paired them with a crisp white button-down and an upgraded sneaker for a look that made afternoon errands a breeze.

What’s your take on the short-shorts trend? How low (high?) do you go? Let me know in the comments!

Topo Ranch Shorts / H&M Shirt / Ferragamo Sneakers (similar) / Caravelle Watch (similar)

Scout Sixteen - In Short Scout Sixteen - In Short Scout Sixteen - In Short

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