Scout Sixteen - Green & Black

Happily Green

Scout Sixteen - Green & Black Scout Sixteen - Green & Black Scout Sixteen - Green & Black Scout Sixteen - Green & Black

“Work”… even typing it feels awkward and foreign. It’s one of those words that squeezes its way into your life bringing with it varying levels of anxiety, inadequacy, and success. I would be lying if I said I absolutely love working. If we’re being honest, I’d much rather be giving CPR to a tub of Ben & Jerry’s while binging on my Netflix queue… but we’ll keep that reserved for ‘weekend-only’ fun.

Finding a balance between work-life and life-life is an ongoing struggle, for me included. In an age when our attention spans are unraveling dangerously close to zero, it’s a Herculean task trying to muster enough focus to get through the work day. What I’ve learned is that it is incredibly important to divide your day into smaller, more tackle-able chunks. Conquer your high-priority tasks at the beginning of the day – say from 9AM-11AM. From there onward, alternate between 75 minutes of productivity and 15 minutes of free time. That ‘free time’ is crucial to staying motivated (and, truthfully, sane) during a busy work day.

I’m certainly no expert when it comes to balancing life but I’m happily green in the process. I’m constantly finding new ways to heighten my productivity while keeping a positive attitude – even on the days when I’m royally exhausted. How do you stay productive during your work day? Have you found the secret to work-life balance?

My look today employs one of my favorite color combinations: army green and jet black. The jacket and shoes aren’t the same tone so it works to break up the flat landscape of the black shirt and jeans. These jeans have been one of my go-to pairs for about a year now – I snagged them at Nordstrom in Los Angeles (at The Grove) and basically haven’t stopped wearing them since! Nordstrom carries an insane amount of cool denim brands but these AG jeans just worked perfectly. I’ve included some of my other favorite denim options below, if you’re interested!

AG Jeans Denim | IRO Tee | Billy Reid Shoes | Bang & Olufsen Headphones

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