Scout Sixteen - Green Line

Scout Sixteen - Green Line Scout Sixteen - Green Line Scout Sixteen - Green Line Scout Sixteen - Green Line

It’s been a fairly slow week but I wanted to let you guys know that starting in early February I’ll be accepting stories to publish on Scout Sixteen. I’ve always wanted this to feel like a friendship – a place of discovery from someone you trust. What better way to expand it than to have my friends from across the globe (yes, you!) submit content that you want to see. Whether you’re a writer or just have an active imagination, let me know. Submit your ideas to my email and I can’t wait to start working together.

Also, let’s glaze over the fact that I look tired as heck in these photos. This is my cue to drink more coffee/tea in the mornings…

Zara Blazer (similar) / Vince Henley / 3×1 Jeans / Rachel Comey Shoes / Cambridge Satchel Co. Bag / Caravelle New York Watch


  1. The satchel is an amazing piece for men! This one it´s really beautiful, love it.
    The green blazer is one of the most beautiful things EVER!

  2. Firstly, all of the leather in this post is killer- I think the shoes take the cake. Secondly, congrats on making changes and improvements to your work on Scout Sixteen!

  3. Great look! As always. Especially loving the shoes and that blazer. Congrats on branching out for Scout Sixteen as well!

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