Scout Sixteen - Getaway Guy

Scout Sixteen - Getaway Guy Scout Sixteen - Getaway Guy

It’s official – I’m back on the grind after a long, glorious week in the Dominican Republic. I think I can safely say my body is the most exhausted it has been since my 21st birthday. But what can you do – the piña coladas weren’t going to drink themselves. I was so excited to bring along my new JADEtribe Maroc Weekender from Accompany! From the moment my eyes fell on this beautiful bag, I was hooked. It’s handwoven from Kilim textile and – not so surprisingly – one of a kind. It’s comes in black and blue, but I didn’t have a tan travel bag at home so I opted for it instead. (Ps – Accompany has so many other amazing products. Not sure if you’ve ever checked them out but they’re certainly worth a look. They stock an incredible curation of ethically-sourced items from around the globe!)

I’m so happy to be back and getting myself prepared for what will be one hell of a month. Between Fashion Week and a few travel opportunities, I’m going to stay quite the busy bee in February. Can’t wait to share the journey with you guys here and over on my Instagram!

JADEtribe Weekender | Frank & Oak Hoodie | APC Jeans | Axel Arigato Sneakers



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