Scout SIxteen - Freakin Weekend 13

Freakin Weekend / 13

Scout SIxteen - Freakin Weekend 13

I’m basically living out of suitcase at the moment. I’ve been back in New York for two days (after an 8-day excursion along the West Coast) and I’m already up to my neck in overdue deadlines. Oops! It doesn’t help my productivity knowing that I’m leaving for a 12-day ‘bucket list trip’ across Thailand on Sunday. My procrastination levels are at an all-time high right now but I’m attempting to push through it… unsuccessfully. I hope your week has been exponentially more productive, but if you’re in my same boat then here are a few of my favorite links to stave off that workload a little longer. Enjoy!

Cream cheese, avocado, and a bagel – has there ever been a more delectable combination? Get in my mouth.

Perfect summery outfit: this shirt + these shorts + this floral sneaker. YES!

If you’re looking for a small camera bag, this one is pretty wicked. I have it in the smoke color.

I’m dying over these modernist side tables. Why can’t I be rich with a big, beautiful home?!

Been listening to my current playlist non-stop. And Hilary Duff makes a surprise cameo, because duh.

Want to know how I schedule my blog posts and social media? Here it is.

Love my friend Patrick’s new venture, The Liquor Cabinet.

Hand pies are a thing and I really want it to be a thing I’m into.

Remember when I wore this floral shirt and it went viral? I need to wear it more, apparently.

This green mud mask isn’t just for ladies – and I’m telling you it’s a miracle worker!

Just picked up this kickass weekender bag. It’s my new favorite.

Really loving all the inspiration in this post. Gimme.

Loved this cheeky article from the New York Times on how to scrub in the shower… like a man.

I’m learning how to cook pork chops in the oven perfectly – and you should, too!

These sneakers are pricey but the elevated sole is just perfection.

Here’s a checklist of ways to be more emotionally intelligent. Educating myself right now, to be honest.

photo by Pinterest

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