Scout Sixteen - Fossil Style

Scout Sixteen - Fossil Style Scout Sixteen - Fossil Style Scout Sixteen - Fossil Style Scout Sixteen - Fossil Style Scout Sixteen - Fossil Style

Fall has always been my favorite season. The leaves are changing, pumpkin spice permeates every edible, and I get to bust out my extensive scarf collection. It’s not so much a collection as it is an inordinate hoard of winter accessories, but you get the point. While my sinuses don’t ever quite get the hang of fall weather and my skin slowly turns the color of white bread, my body is happy to bask in newly-crisped air. And the food? Don’t get me started on the best eats for fall. With summer out of the way, I feast without mercy. If it’s loaded with carbs or covered in cheese, I want three helpings of it… I’ll just toss on a shapeless sweater to hide the damage.

Earlier this season, I was tapped by Fossil to put together a look that was quintessentially fall. I’m excited to share some pieces from Fossil’s fall collection that I took a liking to. The chambray shirt and puffer vest keep me warm now that the temperatures are dropping, while the leather messenger and colorful watch keep me organized and on-time while I tackle my day. If you haven’t checked it out, head on over to Fossil’s site for an exclusive interview with yours truly and a peek into more of my favorite fall pieces.

Fossil Watch / Fossil Vest / Fossil Shirt / Fossil Briefcase / Express Denim / Dr. Marten Boots



  1. Every single time I check out a Scout Sixteen post my Pinterest wish list gets one or two items longer. The latest addition is DEFINITELY that red puffer vest. I need it (a little too much).

    Also, I now have a craving for something cheesy.

  2. I am digging that shirt for Phil, although he might need lessons in how to style it.

    P.S. Where does jambalaya fall on the seasonal foods list? I’m thinking a year-round staple?

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