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Scout Sixteen - Details x Diesel Scout Sixteen - Details x DieselScout Sixteen - Details x Diesel Scout Sixteen - Details x Diesel Scout Sixteen - Details x Diesel

A little over a month ago, I got to shoot an amazing project with Details Magazine and Diesel. I got to style three looks and decided to explore some very different periods in my life…

1. CHILDHOOD – Overalls were an integral part of my childhood wardrobe. I think my mom kept Osh Kosh B’Gosh in business. I wanted to show how overalls could be incorporated into my current wardrobe without feeling overly childish. Any time you wear a single texture (i.e. denim), it’s important to break it up with neutrals (i.e. white shirt / white sneakers).

2. HIGH SCHOOL – Like any other explorative teenager, I must have transitioned between a handful of “styles” in high school. I was a preppy athlete, boy-bander, goth, and hippie… just to name a few. One of my favorite ‘styles’ involved bringing the 90’s grunge from my middle school years into high school. Chunky sweaters, baggier denim and mountaineer boots were some of my favorite pieces.

3. ADULTHOOD – Avid readers of my blog know I’ve grown up (a bit) since my high school years. I’m much more of a casual guy. I like pieces that make me feel comfortable without sacrificing my style. This crew sweatshirt and faux leather pants keep with my general aesthetic but showcase an edge that I lacked in my wardrobe before moving to New York City.

If you want to shop my picks or see more from this collaboration, head on over to Diesel!

  1. I love the evolution that you made. Generally speaking, I strongly believe the way you dress up shows who you are. And as we grow we change a lot. Not only do we change because fashion styles change but also because we are not in the same mindset and we need unconsciously clothes that reflect that.
    I also totally agree that the same item can be worn in plenty different ways and it won’t make the same impression. For example if an old person wears vintage clothes it would look like he/she hasn’t changed his wardrobe for centuries! Whereas if a young and dynamic person wears vintage it would look cool and fashionable.
    Thank you for your post, it really inspired me 🙂
    Ella – Modus Man

  2. All 3 outfits are great. The first one actually reminds me my childhood a lot, because my mom was also an overalls freak and they are so confortable to use.
    My favorite one is the 3rd one. It´s not totally your style but you wear it with a lot of actitud, I really like those pants. They have a ot of personality

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