Scout Sixteen - Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol

Scout Sixteen - Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol

Few things make me feel more naked and exposed than when I’m not wearing a watch. My bare wrist sits there wishing I hadn’t been so neglectful – making existential inquiries now that I’ve stripped it of time-keeping duties.

“Am I no longer an active cog in this mortal machine?”

Thankfully, this doesn’t happen too often. I rarely (read as: almost never) leave the house without going through a mental checklist: wallet, keys, phone, watch. The four tools for my day to be both productive and fairly stress-free. My watch collection is pretty extensive; however, like in many areas of my style – I tend to gravitate toward the same two or three pieces. Until recently, my seven-year-old Timex Weekender watch was a daily staple. Last week, I snagged my second Daniel Wellington watch (… my first was stolen at the gym last year).

I opted for the Classic Bristol because of its beautifully timeless design and transitional style qualities. The dark mahogany tones of the leather strap hint at an ageless opulence while the minimalist design of the case and dial prove timeless can certainly be modern.

If you want one of your own, use the code “JUSTINLIV” for 15% off your order. Let’s be style twins, shop the collection here.



  1. I’ve grown a bit of an obsession with Nixon watches, but now I’m trying to wait for the apple watch to see if I’ll actually need another watch. The fashion part of regular watches is what really speaks to me, not sure I can stick with a single thing on my wrist every day.

  2. Been loving these Daneil Wellington watches! Haven’t wanted one enough to save up for one, especially since I just bought a really cheap vintage rotary on ebay the other day. Know exactly what you mean about feeling naked without a watch one so trying to find a watch for every occasion! Will definitely be keeping an eye out on DW watches though, they look so well made

    Growing Positive

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