College Daze

It’s been a few years since I graduated college but I remember how excited I got in that week leading up to my first day back to school. I’d make a list of all the cool, new gear I wanted for my dorm room (and eventually, my off-campus housing) – many of which I snagged brand-new off of eBay (fun fact: 81% of all products on eBay are new)!

While it’s certainly no competition, I always tried to outdo myself in each progressing year. I’ve always fancied interior decoration so decorating my dorm room gave me a chance to get my feet wet and test my skills – some mistakes were made (like mixing too many prints) but overall, I’d like to say my layout was usually a win!

With a lot of you guys headed into the final stretch of your summer vacation, I decided to put together a little checklist of gear that will keep you looking stylish in your off-duty hours and hopefully have your floor mates green with envy [wink].

College Survival / Dorm Style Checklist:

  1. Stylish Workstation – Your desk is going to not only be one of the focal points of your room, but you’re (hopefully!) going to be spending a LOT of time at it so it’s a spot where you may want to allot a larger portion of your overall decorating budget. I love this masculine wooden desk.
  2. Handsome Desk Lamps – A desk lamp is an absolute necessity for those long nights finishing up heaps of homework or that last-minute paper. This collection of dorm-appropriate desk lamps will make sure your workstation stays stylish!
  3. Leather Arm Chair – A leather side chair adds just the right amount of rugged energy to your room and will certainly be a comfortable addition to your overall design plan. If they are too pricey, you can find a range of faux leather ones on eBay!
  4. Graphic Rug – Another spot you’ll want to make a statement is in your flooring choice. Rugs are practical because they help buffer loud noises for those living below you, but it’s also a simple (and affordable!) way to infuse a print in your room. This Moroccan tribal pattern is a favorite of mine.
  5. Black Mini-Fridge – Sleek and necessary to store those last-night snacks and re-hydrating juices. College can sometimes feel like a battle, and this little guy will hold your ammo.
  6. Shoe Cabinet – Storage is always an issue in dorm rooms, especially when you’re sharing the space with a roommate. Easy solutions like this 3-Drawer Shoe Cabinet get your favorite sneakers off the floor and into formation.
  7. Separating Laundry Hamper – It may sound silly, but having a hamper that pre-sorts your laundry is a life-saver. Never again will you bleach your worn-out black tee or accidentally toss a red sock into your all-white load of clothes.
  8. Pattered Ottoman / Pouf – Not the most necessary of purchases but definitely a good stow-away seating option. You can tuck it under your bed or keep it in sight to ensure that when your floor-mate comes to hang out, he’s got a place to pop a squat!
  9. Black Wall CalendarA wall calendar is an awesome way to have all of your upcoming appointments, tests, and events handy at a glance… and in this cool matte black color, it just seriously ups the style ante.
  10. Chemex Coffee Maker – This coffee maker is not only super functional (with an awesome system) but it looks incredibly cool on any surface. One look at this and your friends will know they have a coffee expert on their hands!

So there it is… my ten favorite college / dorm style items. You can find these items and more in eBay’s Back-to-College shop. They’ve culled the best of the best products when it comes to stocking your dorm room with some serious style!

Special thanks to eBay for sponsoring this blog post! If you haven’t been shopping eBay’s incredible catalog of products, you better hop to it! eBay continues to lead the pack with competitive pricing and the best selection of the products you want/need.

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