Coconut-Lime Moscow Mule

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Few things excite me more than coming home after a long work day, kicking off my shoes, putting on one of my go-to vinyl records, and stirring up a homemade happy hour for myself and friends.  One of the reasons I love music so much happens to be one of the reasons why I love mixology, too – in just an instant, they both can set the tone for your mood.

Just like there are different songs I’d turn to for rainy days versus a high-energy workout, there are different cocktails that I like crafting depending on how I’m feeling in the moment. For after-work hours, one of my favorite options has always been a Moscow Mule. The combination of the vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice are a flavor kick and an instant mood lifter for me (which makes even the most ‘Monday’ of Mondays seem manageable). I often like cutting the ginger beer with sparkling coconut water to give this classic cocktail a modern, soothing twist..

One of the star ingredients of the Moscow Mule is the ever-wonderful lime and I’m so excited to be able to be among the first to taste the newest addition to the iconic Absolut portfolio – Absolut Lime! The versatility of Absolut Lime is apparent from the first sip: a full-bodied citrus flavor piques the senses and is followed by a refreshingly light finish – instantly elevating any cocktail.

Another fun announcement – Absolut is also the official spirits partner at this year’s GRAMMY Awards, which means while Absolut Lime refreshes cocktails across the nation, it will also be refreshing (get it?!) music’s biggest night of the year. Through the #RefreshTheTalk campaign, Absolut Lime is putting a twist on the “red carpet conversation” by switching the focus from red carpet looks to important social causes. The effort reflects Absolut’s ongoing passion and dedication for raising awareness to issues thataffect most of their diverse consumers.

If you’re interested in infusing your cocktails (and your taste buds) with a refreshingly smooth flavor, Absolut Lime is vodka for you.


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This post was sponsored in partnership with Absolut. Enjoy Responsibly.

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