Printed Checked Trousers for Men

Check, Please

It’s only been recently that I’ve been adding more printed trousers into my wardrobe, but I can safely say that I’ve becoming obsession-level psycho about… granted, that’s not terribly far from my norm but let’s box that up and never talk about it.

The story is as follows: I was in H&M picking up my typical post-collegiate denim-and-Converse kind of basics when I spotted not one, not two, but four pairs of print-heavy trousers that caught my eye. Because I’m also an impulsive shopper (a great trait to tag along with my psychotic obsessions) I bought them all. This pair of checked trousers were the ones that started it all and I’ve been wearing them for everything from a dressy event to grocery runs… and I’m always getting compliments. Confidence Rating: A++

Sadly, these bad boys are nearly sold out on H&M so I figured I’d round up a few more favorites within the same price range, fit, and/or pattern. Hopefully this’ll help fuel your plaid obsession… but just in case, I’ve added a few more printed trousers that I’ve digging at the moment.

SHOP THIS LOOK: Frank & Eileen Denim Shirt | H&M Printed Trousers (-or- this similar pair from PacSun)

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