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Scout Sixteen - A La Plage Scout Sixteen - Orlebar Brown Scout Sixteen - A La Plage
Scout Sixteen - A La Plage Scout Sixteen - A La Plage

Like a mouse to the cheese, I always seem to find my way to the beach. I grew up a half-day drive from the nearest seaside destination so we didn’t get there but a few times each year. Each March when my middle school recessed for Spring Break, I’d let out a sigh of relief knowing my family was beach bound. I’d pack all the “necessities”: a pail, a shovel and my karaoke machine (because we never vacationed without it). I’d spend hours exploring only a few square feet of the shore, combing for lost treasures and riding the waves.

As an adult, beach vacations are bit more… how should I say… lethargic. I can spend hours just catching up on the latest best-seller and laughing the afternoon away with friends while we say goodbye to winter pallor. I still pack the essentials, they’re just a bit more grown-up: a good book, speakers and a pair of style-savvy swim shorts.

In my case – I follow by a strict policy of “sky’s out, thigh’s out,” so this pair of Orlebar Brown trunks made the perfect statement for my weekend. I paired the tropical-printed trunks with my new favorite tee of all time. (And believe me – the last winner was hard to beat!) OB’s lightweight cotton tee is just perfection; it fits in all the right places. Get it while you can, seriously.

Orlebar Brown Printed Swim Shorts / Orlebar Brown T-Shirt / PF Flyers Sneakers / Mr. Porter Journal / Orlebar Brown Towel / Warby Parker Sunglasses (similar) / Outdoor Cord Bracelet / Orlebar Brown Tote

Scout Sixteen - A La PlageScout Sixteen - A La Plage

Scout Sixteen - A La Plage

Special thanks to Orlebar Brown (and Mr. Porter) for decking my out with a few extra goodies for my beach weekend! Clearly, these opinions are all my own.

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