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5 Tips to Better Summer Skin

We use, abuse and torture our skin on the daily. When we’re on the grind, it’s easy to forget to treat our most important asset with care. Last week, I had the chance to hear dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth K. Hale reveal her secrets for maintaining healthy skin without having to lock ourselves away in a windowless, lightless dungeon. As a featured guest at Coppertone’s Summer Kick-Off party, Dr. Hale waxed poetic on the benefits of sunscreen as an  anti-aging solution and one of the keys to longevity.

With some of my favorite tips from Dr. Hale, I’ve compiled a list of my five essentials tips to keeping your skin healthy (and handsome) for summer:

1. Drink More Water

It seems like this would be common knowledge but water is the first and most essential refresher. Along with other essential nutrients, water is like gasoline for our body’s natural functions. At minimum, we should be drinking 2 liters (or eight 8-ounce glasses) of water each day, although I try to drink up to 3 liters a day.

2. Wear Sunscreen

Another obvious but extremely vital part of our daily routine should be sunscreen. Dr. Hale said we should apply sunscreen on sun exposed areas each morning and reapply to our exposed areas every two hours depending on sun exposure. That’s a lot of sunscreen! Since most of don’t have time to constantly lather up, products like Coppertone Sport AccuSpray make it quick, easy and painless to reapply discreetly.

3. Understand Sun Exposure

Dr. Hale advised that avoiding the sun in its hottest time (11AM-2PM) is important. During the “high time”, the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays are at their strongest. Skin cancer is the most prolific of all cancers… even more than brain, kidney, liver and esophageal cancers combined! In order to protect our skin and ensure we don’t look like shriveled raisins by the time we’re 50, we must be cognizant of overexposing our skin to sun. Tip: Get your exercise and activities done in the earlier, cooler hours or later in the day. Check out to find out more about the ways of preserving younger looking skin.

4. Wash Your Face Twice Daily

We should be washing our faces at least twice a day. I tend to wash my face (with my cleanser) in the morning and evening and use a face-wipe halfway through the day to remove any morning commute grime. Many guys feel uncomfortable carrying a pack of facial wipes in their briefcase but your skin will be thanking you later when it’s free of flakes and blemishes.

5. Exfoliate

More than any other time of the year, it is so very important to exfoliate during the summer. Exfoliating will remove any dead skin cells and improve circulation to the face. Whether you use a facial scrub or a drugstore loofah, make sure to give the face a daily and thorough rub-down.

Take care of your skin and wear protection – check out the slideshow above for some of my favorite summer skincare products and a few photos from the Coppertone Summer Kick-Off Party. This post was sponsored by Coppertone and Style Coalition but the opinions expressed are mine. Coppertone’s new AccuSpray technology is designed to give you control and ease to help reduce waste. It stays on strong when you sweat and won’t run in your eyes!

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