Scout Sixteen - West Ward

Scout Sixteen - West Ward Scout Sixteen - West Ward

I’m officially in Vegas for my first full day of PROJECT Las Vegas. Aside from the trade show itself, there will be many, many parties and events. Essentially, I’m hanging out for a week in an “adult Disneyworld” and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

This look is a bit out of the norm for me but I’ve been trying to challenge myself a bit more with my looks. I want to start taking calculated risks and see what works for me (and unfortunately what does not). I think ‘style’ is entirely subjective. It balances on a quiet self-assurance – a visually disruptive confidence. Here, I’m channeling the ever-controversial Kanye West in his debut for APC Paris: olives, blacks, leathers and Timberland boots. I like this look because it shows off a bit more of an urban edge to my wardrobe that I don’t get to display often (sans my gold chains). And we both know I’m not planning to relinquish my Timbs anytime soon.

All Saints Leather Jacket / H&M Sweater / Express Pants / Timberland Boots


  1. I actually think you look really well on this… for me it´s a little ricky to wear black and brown at he same time, but this really work in this case. I really like this look and it´s great to try on new things!

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