Lite Weekend Reading

I couldn’t be more thrilled that it’s the weekend. With little to no plans, I’m already making a list of “fun chores” I’ll be completing, like paying my monthly bills, getting my favorite nut mix from Trader Joe’s, among others. I say “fun chores” in quotes because no one in the history of man has ever used the word “chore” to define something exciting. What an oxymoron! With the weather in the 40’s, I’m about to break out every sweater and blanket I can to keep warm. Is it illegal to build a bonfire in your living room? I’m going to test this theory.

Also, here are some links you need to see to get you through the weekend:

This is what Fashion Week really looks like.

Hipster Angela Lansbury for the win.

Gingers will eat your soul. I’m coming for you…

I want to go to there.

A 24-Hour Mixtape.

All over this constellation craze.

Snap-backs and floral bow-ties? I’m on it.

The only motto men need to live by.

Francois Berthoud’s art is so kick-ass.

Seriously, this 13-year-old girl can SING.

Genius idea for packaging.

Shoes that have teeth. And gold caps.

Love this new autumnal dictionary.

Really need to own this watch. Badly.

Do you follow my Twitter?

Jil Sander made a Paper Bag bag.

Happy weekending, friends!

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