What a week it’s been! Any fun plans for the weekend? I’m thinking I’ll be relaxing my bum on some Central Park grass for the majority of Saturday. Feel free to join me if you’re in the City. Otherwise, here are some links that will keep you occupied…

Ever wanted to model and fall? There’s an app for that.

This is such sound advice for the kid in me.

I don’t understand the new Instagram ‘Maps’. Apparently, neither do they.

Neat-o tattoo idea. Girls, pay attention.

I can’t imagine trying to walk across this tightrope.

Napping. The full story. (feel to nap after reading this)

This is one genius paint pen.

Superheroes re-imagined as Popsicles = yes!

The ABC’s of Men’s Fashion. Video.

Cool boots – thanks Phillip Lim.

Nike x Liberty London? Please and thank you.

Heineken goes square. Happy drinking!

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