Scout Sixteen - Topman Look

Scout Sixteen - Topman LookScout Sixteen - Topman LookScout Sixteen - Topman Look

One week from today, I leave for Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ll be gone for 7 days – traveling with my best friend (and roommate) Christina thanks to H&M. I’ll be sure to give you the play-by-play on what I eat because – let’s be honest – we all know that’s going to be my main point of interest. No matter how many times I travel, I still get the same frantic feeling that I’m going to forget an essential item or lose my passport and be stuck in travel limbo. As a member of the extreme OCD club, I am a very skilled (and efficient) packer. Everything has its place and there is never over-packing. I’ll be doing a “What I Travel With” piece this weekend so stay tuned. How do you pack when you travel? Any tips?

In other news, Topman (the men’s division of Topshop) asked me to interpret my everyday style in a head-to-toe Topman look. Most of you know I’m not high-fashion (and likely never will be). I call my style “classic with a twist” and on this day, I was feeling a bit edgier. I paired an otherwise classic grey look with a fluorescent orange beanie and vintage bandana. The black boots are actually one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe now – sturdy, stylish, and classic.


Beanie / Sweatshirt / Chinos / Boots

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  1. The love outfit. You really show off he beauty of neutral colors which I love… My favorite piece in this outfit is that bracelet. It’s so simple, but it catches all of my attention… Where did you snag that from? If you don’t mind giving away one of your secret spots…

  2. This is a fantastic casual outfit with a bit of edge and a nuanced reference to the S&M culture with the bandana on the left leg. Wicked.

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