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Time To Pretend

Every weekend, I find a random bench in a random park where I partake in a random activity. Sometimes, I’m shoveling Starbucks’ Pumpkin Bread in my mouth in between pages of my book of the week  (currently Night Circus). Other times, I’m laying on a quilted blanket with friends enjoying philosophical discussions on “Why Being In Your 20’s Is Awesome“. But most of the time, I’m just taking it all in – being a young guy in New York City, hopeful of a full life ahead. I imagine what it would be like to be completely free- living unadulterated in a city that never sleeps – throwing my covers back and joining in the insomnia. Alas, I’m only human and need sleep so that whole “unadulterated” thing is going to have to wait.

As a side note, that incredibly amazing french bulldog above belongs to actor Hugh Jackman. We met him while he was out for a walk. His name is Dali and he’s going to be mine one day.


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  1. that dog is seriously cute! and i can’t believe you met hugh jackman! way cool! i totally want to live in new york one day. there’s always something to do in such a big city; a far fetch from the small town i’m currently living in haha!
    ~niki <3

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