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The way you dress can be an Art Form…

One of the best compliments I’ve ever received was, I saw that and knew you would wear it. No – it’s not a testament to my killer good looks or winning personality (subjectively-speaking, of course) but instead silently justifies the way I project myself.

Let me back up a bit. Have you ever been to a museum and realized you’re able to “name that artist” quite successfully? An educated eye can differentiate Monet from Manet, Klimt from Schwabe. Once you understand how an artist delivers his craft – it’s pretty hard to overlook the nuances that make him unique. It’s a sneak peek into his psyche and emotional temperaments. You’ll find yourself again and again being able to spot their mannerisms.

Like art, the icons of our industry are easily recognizable. From Karl Lagerfeld’s affinity for leather to the baroque tastes of Vogue Nippon’s Anna Dello Russo, personal style becomes our palette. In the macrocosm of “fashion”, our microcosmic contribution is our style – we play our own god. Our early blank canvas is now peppered with representations of our mood, both past and present: electric blue peplum tops, rugged combat boots or oversized tweed blazers. Whatever it is we’re feeling, we can express it through our style – and that, my friends, is why style is so important. It’s the outward expression of our internal selves.

One of the reasons my friend’s compliment impacted me was the acknowledgement of some consistency in my style. She was able to hone in on some unconscious detail of my wardrobe and understand it as MY nuance, the “it” that keeps my style ticking. As we continue to develop, so will our styles; however, it’s these consistent details that will leave our mark.

We can learn a great deal from those artists – when find your palette, you’re sure to find your style. 

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