Robyn Dancing On My Own

Dear Robyn –

Every night for three months, I stood in my bedroom clad in only underwear (at approximately 10PM) unleashing dance fury to “Dancing On My Own”. I sang along, so loudly that I lost my voice… three times. Maybe four. It may have been the lyrics or the hypnotic trance of that faint robotic whirl – but whatever it was, it was strong. Like that fourth tequila shot on a school night.

Yet, without fail, I would come home after a long workday, strip down and blast that song in true survival mode. My iTunes counter says I’ve played it 442 times. That’s 2,107 minutes of pure bliss. We’ve all been there. Mindlessly dancing in some dark laser-lit club while an ex-lover kisses someone else across the room. And there you are by yourself doing the only thing you can do: dance.

I know you’ll never read this and we’ll likely never meet, but I wanted to thank you. Music may move me, but this song changed me. My life is spent using clothes to tell a story – excess and hedonism at an interstellar level. But at the end of the day, I’m standing alone – without the clothes, without the gimmicks – singing proudly, I keep dancing on my own – I keep dancing on my own. I’m down to my underwear and it feels great. For this boy from Mississippi, you’re anti-fashion in the most fashionable way.


[Open Letters is a column of non-fictional letters written to people or things that aren’t likely to respond, inspired by McSweeney’s]

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