Blogger Justin Livingston of Scout 16

Use an unexpected texture to liven up muted tones in a monochrome look.
The possibilites for refined outfits by pitting neutrals against bolder pieces are quite endless. With designers worldwide jumping on the neutral bandwagon over the past few seasons, it seems much of my wardrobe now consists of neutrals. My bolder pieces are now being used reversely to tone upmy neutral palette.

Pure Irony.

I’ve found the adding in unexpected texture – not necessarily stronger colors – helps to breathe new life into pieces I was ready to bury in the “donate pile” (yes – I have one of those, too!). It seems refurbishing style wins out in the end… yet again. [brandishes fists defiantly]. Have you tried doing this in your own style? Did it work well?
Blogger Justin Livingston of Scout 16

Blogger Justin Livingston of Scout 16Keep an extra denim jacket at your desk. It’s easy to throw on when needed and meshes well into any outfit!

Blogger Justin Livingston of Scout 16


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