Neon Demon

Last year was a mess; I think that’s at least one point where we can all agree. Not a day has gone by since the start of COVID-19 where I haven’t woken up thankful for my overall health, but I can’t help but feel like my mental health took a serious blow. I used to consider myself an extremely creative and adaptable person. Keywords here are: “used to.”

I lost my spark last year and that was probably the most maddening aspect to me personally. This year had a slow start but I’m making strides in recovering some of that joy and passion that I felt disappeared in 2020.

New York City was hit with a major snowstorm yesterday so it felt like the perfect excuse to break out the face paint and get a little creative. I was already wearing this Champion hoodie so I ran with the tennis-ball-green neon theme.

I realize how silly it sounds, but something as small as painting my face chipped away at those feelings of self-doubt a little bit. I felt like ‘old Justin’ even if just for a few minutes. I’ve still got a ways to go – but, at least, I’m sensing I’m headed in the right direction.

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Scout Sixteen is a lifestyle blog from Justin Livingston. Justin grew up in Mississippi but relocated to New York City in 2008. On Scout Sixteen, Justin shares his passion in fashion, travel, food and drink, and mental wellness.