Scout Sixteen - Image via Eva Tsang / Trotter Mag

Music Monday / 15

Scout Sixteen - Image via Eva Tsang / Trotter Mag

Jet lag feels like the ultimate joke from Mother Nature. It’s like “Have a great time on your tropical vacation because I’m going to make it a bitch to get back on your normal schedule LOL” … [sigh]

I’m back on the grind after two weeks in Thailand and I haven’t quite recovered from a cumulative 48 hours of flights! And although I’m feeling like a complete space cadet, I’m excited about this week ahead of me: lots of fun meetings, projects, and events on my calendar. My trip to Thailand was the ultimate recharge for my internal battery but for now – I’m counting on this playlist to get me charged up for this week. With new hits from chart-toppers like Rihanna and Sia, plus repeat-worthy jams from Sylvan Esso, AUROROA, and Kat Dahlia, there’s a song for everyone on this list. Pop on your favorite headphones (I just bought this INSANELY KICKASS pair from Bang & Olufsen) and grab a sweet treat to accompany your spicy week.

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Sylvan Esso – “Coffee”

Galantis – “Peanut Butter Jelly”

Kat Dahlia – “I Think I’m In Love”

The Japanese House – “Teeth”

Rihanna – “American Oxygen”

Christina and the Queens – “Saint Claude”

Giorgio Moroder ft. Sia – “Déjà Vu”

Glass Animals – “Gooey”

Kyla La Grange ft. Kygo – “Cut Your Teeth”

Blur – “Ong Ong”

AURORA – “Running With The Wolves”

Priory – “Weekend”

MGMT – “Electric Feel”

Zella Day – “Sweet Ophelia”

CHVRCHES – “Tether (Eric Prydz Remix)”

Erik Hassle – “No Words”

Travis Garland – “Motel Pool”

Anushka – “Kisses”

HOLYCHILD – “Happy With Me”

Image via Eva Tsang aka the always-inspiring TrotterGirlc

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