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Scout Sixteen - WEAR app Scout Sixteen - WEAR app Scout Sixteen - WEAR app IMG_2198 Scout Sixteen - WEAR app

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a mild obsession with James Dean. In my mind, he was the ultimate rebel. He wasn’t street tough but he had the “brooding loner” attitude down to an art. From the sly twinkle in his eye to his laissez-faire approach to life, James Dean was and continues to be idolized by many (including yours truly). In the traditional sense, I’m no rebel but I like a challenge and I’m always up to contest the easy routes in my life. 

I don’t know what it is about a leather jacket but it immediately cloaks you in a shroud of badass-ness. I paired this faux leather jacket with a knit sweater and dark denim – a look that’s wholeheartedly “me” but also retains a little edge.

I’ve started this new app called WEAR that my friend Marcel (from One Dapper Street) introduced me to. The app is essentially a shoppable lookbook where styles from all over the world converge. I use it as more of a discovery engine; I’m able to see where to buy the items and then make the purchase! I’m most inspired by legitimate street style (the fashion choices of random strangers walking down the street) so I’ve always been a fan of community-generated fashion platforms. It’s just cool because you can create, share, and shop with people from across the world.


Let’s get this party started – first step, download the WEAR app on your phone from your App Store. Second step, follow me to we can jam and be best friends! [high five]

Kmart x Adam Levine Faux Leather Jacket | Cheap Monday Sweater | AG Jeans Denim | Frank & Oak Sneakers



  1. Absolutely love this look.. so cool, casual and stylish.

    To all you stylish men who like their designer brands, I would love to suggest a fab belt brand called Elliot Rhodes London. They have every colour and style under the sun and last forever! Perfect for jeans, suits, chinos – whatever you want!

    They also have a fab interchangeable system so you can choose a belt strap and buckle separately to create a combination to suit your personal style.

    Hope this helps and inspires!

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