Scout Sixteen - Kaufmann Mercantile Giveaway


It’s been a couple months since I’ve hosted a giveaway on Scout Sixteen but I couldn’t be more excited to revive the tradition with one of my current favorite e-shops, Kaufmann Mercantile. Kaufmann Mercantile curates the most spectacular array of products ranging from must-have home goods to handcrafted clothing you’ll want to wear all season.

A quick peek through the site will prove there are pieces to fit any personality; but for this special giveaway, I’ve decided to highlight two different personalities with their own prize packages: The Traveler and The Bon Vivant.

The Traveler:

This package is for the guy (or gal) who makes looking stylish on-the-go a priority. He spends more time in planes, trains, or automobiles than he does in his own home. He finds no greater joy than in the process of discovery.

Includes: Navy Canvas & Leather Weekender, Copy of Man of The World, Pair of Fingerless Gloves, Pair of White-Striped Socks, Jar of North Carolina Peanuts

The Bon Vivant:

is for the intellectual with a passion for culture. This guy (or gal) acts like a sponge soaking up every exciting opportunity to educate and stimulate. He is a lover of life’s little pleasures and seeks to carve out his place in the world.

Includes: Denim Bow Tie, Navy Canvas Carry-All, Waxed Canvas Pouch, Postalco Notebook, Set of Blackwing Drawing Pencils, Brass Pencil Sharpener, Horn Pocket Comb, Hot Cocoa Mix, plus a $25 Gift Certificate

Entering is easy and can be completed below*. Be sure to comment on this post with the prize package you’d like to win – as there will be two winners (one for each prize package). The more points you get below, the greater your chances of winning… and some of the options can be done every day.  Good luck!

Kaufmann Mercantile Giveaway

*Note: By signing up, you’ll receive occasional emails from Kaufmann Mercantile.


  1. I just discovered Kaufmann Mercantile the other day and I’m so happy you have this giveaway. The Traveler package is amazing – the bag is beautiful, the gloves are perfect for fall, and who doesn’t love awesome socks?

  2. I would pick the Traveler for my husband – he has his own business and is constantly traveling, so this would suit him well 🙂

  3. I can I choose either ? Lol I like the traveler because that leather bag is gorgeous and me and hubby would like all those things. But I also really like the 2nd one!
    If I had to pick, I guess I’ll go with traveler. But either is great!

  4. I really like the Bon Vivant! I would give it to my son….well, I might keep a couple things for myself! LOL Thanks for the chance!!!

  5. I think id go with the traveler but I’d be happy with either one! I’m gonna keep the bag and give the rest to hubs

  6. I would definitely consider myself the “Von Bivant.” I love learning & it’s totally true — I soak up all the knowledge I can get! (:

  7. Bon Vivant is my choice! Thank you for offering this contest. I admire KM’s attention to detail and really appreciate their eye for sophisticated design.

  8. It’s so hard to pick just one, both have such great stuff in them!!!! Picking one….I guess I’ll say The Bon Vivant!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  9. I don’t think I could choose between them, but probably would prefer the Bon Vivant, although The Traveller is pretty tempting too. Nice stuff.

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