Indigo Blues

Take a quick look at my blog over the last few years and it’s immediately apparent that I have a denim obsession. I’ve always loved how denim adopts and adapts to the wearer; each whisker and fade is unique. When I heard that Danish footwear brand ECCO would be releasing a denim-inspired TRUE INDIGO leather collection, I was thrilled. I’ve been a fan (and customer) of the brand since 2011 and to have an entire collection in one of my favorite colorways was going to be next level.

Indigo has been a hot commodity for almost as long as people have roamed the earth. Nearly every civilization in history has cultivated indigo as a luxury textile (and once, it was even used as a currency!). The beauty of indigo is that it can produce hundreds and maybe even thousands of variations of blue – meaning that an endless array of unique properties can be created.

With the ECCO TRUE INDIGO dyeing process, no two pieces are alike—they have embraced these differences, as they only enhance the beauty of the leather. ECCO TRUE INDIGO leather varies in color, fade, and imperfections – evolving over time like your favorite jeans. Each shoe is truly one-of-a-kind! How cool is that?

I opted for these incredible ECCO Soft 8 High-Top Sneakers in TRUE INDIGO because, duh, I’ll always opt for a high-top sneaker. But be sure to check out the other styles and colorways below… which one is your favorite?


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