I’m one of those guys that likes to tote my essentials around in stylish cases. My iPhone, laptop, Kindle, gym clothes, etc. Yet I’ll still throw my lunch in a plastic grocery bag and call it a day. At this point in the style game, it’s about time I gave my lunch bag a sartorial upgrade. Cue this amazing waxed cotton lunch tote from Artifact Bag Co.! Hand-made in Nebraska and totally unique, this is the first item on my wishlist.

I actually discovered this bag as part of a campaign between Esquire and my new favorite iPhone app, Netpage. Netpage makes the entire surface of every magazine page interactive. This makes it easy to digitally clip and save any article, photo, or ad or share it through email, text, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. I clipped this amazing plaid suit using the app!

Take a minute to download Netpage today (it’s free!) or check out their Facebook page or Twitter feed for more information.


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