Cor Sine Labe Doli - Ceramic Bowties, Ties and Handkerchief

The Perfect Bowtie

I’ve been a fan of bow-ties for quite a few years now. These petite accessories add the right amount of “Ivy League prep” without going overboard. While perusing Anthem Wares‘ curated collections, I found something magical: ceramic bow-ties from Cor Sine Labe Doli. These visually-stunning pieces are hand-crafted in Italy by real ceramicists. Not only do they craft killer bow-ties, but they also make ceramic handkerchiefs and classic ties with ceramic knots.

The name, which translated means “a heart with no betrayal blemish”, originates from the amorial shield in Corato (Italy) – the birthplace of the brand’s founder.

To expand upon the shapes and materials used in manufacturing the classic bowtie, the brand incorporated “simplicity, innocence and curiosity” into the design. They took on the “mindset of a child” to breathe new life back into the tired menswear accessory industry.

Fashion must be free,” Cor Sine Labe Doli says. “[It must be] suitable for everyone; adaptable for all languages, culture, history, and personalities.”

If  you haven’t checked out the brand, they’re definitely one to keep bookmarked. You can also see the above ties and more in Anthem Wares shop.


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