Camouflage Shirt - Scout Sixteen

Growing up in Mississippi, I was under the influence from the South’s heavy hand. I learned about fashion from any of the outdated magazines I could get my paws on. From vintage National Geographics discussing urban culture to GQ magazines sprawled out along the bay window at my local barber – I became a voracious reader. It was my own way of educating my rural style. That was over ten years and I’ve watched my style change in some of the most drastic and fantastic ways. I haven’t forgotten my past – to say that, would almost seem to blaspheme my childhood – but I’ve let go of some of those fond ideas I couldn’t seem to release. As I’ve grown, there have been aspects of my style that have adapted with the changes. One of those ideals, in particular, has been a love for camouflage. A hunter’s best friend – and now a constant in my wardrobe.


Zara Camouflage Shirt | Banana Republic Sweater (similar) | Block Headwear Fedora | Comune Pants (similar) | House of Harlow Cuff (also in gold)


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