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Scout Sixteen - Times SquareScout Sixteen - Times Square

I wanted to share these two snaps with you guys that I took in Times Square this past week. As a New Yorker, it’s on very rare occasion that I (willingly) find myself in Times Square. Between the almost half a million daily visitors and uncomparable sensory overlaod, this specific New York landmark can be a bit arresting. Yet the magic of Times Square can’t properly be described, it must be experienced. Have you ever been?


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  1. I’m not from New York, but I frequent the city enough to avoid Times Square if at all possible. Yet I must concur that the sensory overload can be a magical experience. When I first took my boyfriend there (his first time in New York), I took two minutes to slow down. I removed my focus from the swarms of people, and let myself be taken by the magic of the place. It can really be something special.

    But I’m still a cynic at heart, and refuse to go back there unless I’m trying to get to Broadway from the Garment District. In which case, I spearhead through the people as quickly as possible.

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